If you want to see emotion and connection in your wedding photos, then you need a photographer you yourselves connect with.

Choosing the right photographer for you is a big deal. Your photographs are a lasting record of that one time you got everyone you loved in the same place at the same time, and you want to be transported back when you look at them.  These photos will get pored over by you and your family, and in time will form an unbreakable link to your past.

You want a wedding photographer who feels more like a friend, who seeks out emotion, and who tells the story of your day as you experienced it (even the bits you didn’t actually see). Most of all you want to be able to look back at your photos and see you, and everyone you know and love as you see them, with their true character shining through.

Using my distinctive documentary wedding photography style, my aim is to be a second pair of eyes for you both, capturing the day as it unfolds naturally, along with all the details that make it yours. You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that I’m there, catching all the little moments you might otherwise miss, as well as the big ones you want to remember forever.

I could talk about what I do until the cows come home, but sometimes my couples just say it better…

It was an absolute pleasure having you there as part of the day. From you saving the day in the morning with my dress, to trying to learn all Tom’s friends nicknames to seeing you having a little groove darting in between everyone on the dance floor in the evening. We honestly could not have asked for better company or a better photographer.
— Rachel and Tom
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Olivia Moon Photography - Kayleigh and James Engagement Shoot-38.jpg
We really can’t thank you enough, we feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a talented, generous and beautiful soul as our wedding photographer, Olivia you really are the best of the best and have far surpassed any expectation we may have had!!
— Kayleigh and James