Cornwall wedding photographer in Shropshire: Laura and George's handmade wedding

Cornwall wedding photographer in the Midlands

Living on a rural farm, Laura and George weren’t short of options for the location of their boho outdoor wedding. They chose the field with the best views for their stunning hilltop wedding, and were blessed with an incredible sunny day to celebrate their marriage.

Handmade wedding photography

Laura and her sister Gina are super creative, and together had pulled together all the hand made elements of the day. Gina is a hand-lettering artist, so there was handmade wedding signage wherever you looked, and Laura works at the Ludlow Food Centre and is a keen baker so not only had she had made her own wedding cake, but she had also put together the best spread of cheeses I’ve ever seen.

The personal touches were everywhere, but my absolute favourite was that Gina conducted the ceremony for Laura and George. The couple had done the official bit already, so Gina was free to personalise this completely, and it was just lovely!

A gin themed wedding

Laura and George had chosen a bit of a gin themed wedding, with floral arrangements in different artisanal gin bottles making up the centrepieces for each table (with about 15 tables, what a great excuse to drink a different bottle of gin every month).

Shropshire wedding suppliers

Dress: Aire Barcelona at Dolly Blue Bridal Studios. Shrewsbury
Suits: Marc Darcy Suits
Flowers: Sarah Farrell
Cake: Baking in Wellies (Laura's alter-ego)
Wooden signs: Blue Bird Ink
Hair & Make up: Rebecca Haines Hair & Makeup Artist
Food: Eat Wild